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Dyrlund is a Danish manufacturer of high quality furniture for both home and executive office.

Even nowadays dyrlund furniture is produced according to our age-old traditions combined with the latest production technology. We do this because real feeling for the material, individual attention to detail, and precision and fineness of cut and design can only be perfected our experienced Danish master craftsmen. All our furniture has therefore been hand-finished in the production.

Living in harmony with nature is today’s trend. We at dyrlund are proud to say that that is what we have always done !

Genuine wood reflects the beauty and fascination of a natural landscape. The manufacture of furniture utilizing such wood is an investment in the future. Our furniture lasts a lifetime. Our policies and practices also ensure a responsible treatment of the environment.

Our pieces are manufactured exclusively of solid wood or veneer with natural finishes. The superior craftsmanship incorporated into each of our pieces is also worth seeing up close. Discover in word and image our love and detail; evidenced particularly by the detailing of the tambour doors.

A piece of nature made by dyrlund – for the whole world!

Homepage: http://www.moebel-brocke.de/manufacturers/dyrlund/


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